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Papou Dictionary

  • Big Evening — The Greek-American talk show that everyone is talking about !!
  • Bouzoukia — Usually big halls serving dinner and bar drinks.
  • Diples — Papou's favorite Greek pastry. Yia Yia Mary is known to make the best Diples (wikipedia.org/wiki/Diples). The public can best find the best Greek pastry at Hellenic Festivals.
  • Greek Coffee — a method of preparing coffee in Greece, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East (wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_coffee).
  • Greek Festivals — Cultural festivals held throughout North America. Visit Hellenic Festival to find Papou and Yia Yia Mary's favorites.
  • Komboloi — Greek worry beads (wikipedia.org/wiki/Worry_beads)
  • Koukla — Doll, sweetheart, beautiful young lady
  • Levendi — Strong young man — Papou addresses his grandsons and nephews that way.
  • Magazi — Shop or joint. A Greek hamburger stand is often referred to as the magazi.
  • Papou (talk show host) — Host of the Big Evening talk show. Born in Ikaria, Greece (home of the Blue Zone where people live longer), and immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager. He grew up in Ohio with traditional midwestern values that he transplanted to California when he moved out here with his family.
  • Papou (noun) — Grandfather
  • Pastitsio — Baked pasta and meat sauce - Greek "lasagna".
  • Pork Souvlakia — Kebabs made of pork instead of chicken, lamb, or beef. Papou finds them gristly and does not appreciate them. He once changed craft service caterers for bringing them to the set.
[Big Evening With Papou]
  • Ti Les, Vre? — "What are you talking about, man?" or "Say what, bro?"
  • Yia Yia (noun) — Grandmother
  • Yia Yia Mary — Papou's wife. She is involved in several behind the scenes aspects of the show. In addition, she is involved with several ladies auxiliary organizations, and helping many Hellenic Festivals throughout North America with her leadership and gourmet cooking skills.
  • Yia Yia Mary's granddaughter — Yia Yia's beautiful granddaughter who in addition to being smart, charming, and a great person — is rumored to have Yia Yia Mary's famous Pastitsio recipe. She won't make it for just anyone.
[Big Evening With Papou]

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